Aboriginal Consulting Services

Aboriginal Consulting Services

Update of existing logo, website planning, design website mockups, creative direction on photoshoot, develop website based on mockups, train client on how to maintain website, setup new email accounts.

Aboriginal Consulting Services (ACS) provides counselling services for the aboriginal community, including a 20-week program for families dealing with domestic violence. The website needed to be welcoming and most importantly use imagery and colours that have meaning for the Aboriginal users. The colour palette is based on the medicine wheel which symbolizes the circle of life: red represents our mental being; yellow, our emotional being; white, our physical being and black as our spiritual being. The textured background is a reference to the land and specifically sweetgrass – which represents virtue.

The homepage was designed to quickly introduce newcomers to ACS, then direct users to their 4 key programs. In many cases, users would have bee directed to the ACS website by Children and Family Services, in which case, they simply need to find the program they have been told to take. After this main set of modules on programs, we then included another 4 modules, two of which highlight stories of success.

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