Action to End Poverty in Alberta

The Inter-City Forum on Social Policy

Create visual identity, plan website (content, organization/sitemap, social media integration, email strategy), design website mockups, develop website (programming, configuration), train client on how to maintain website, setup new email accounts.

The Inter-City Forum on Social Policy is a intergovernmental committee that helps municipal governments in Alberta share information, network and advocate for policy changes. One of their key advocacy issues is poverty in Alberta, specifically, the need for a provincial Poverty Reduction Strategy. To highlight this need, they decided to create an online campaign called Action to End Poverty in Alberta. They hired us to plan and design this online strategy.

As part of the strategy, we chose 3 clear actions for online users to take: Sign the call to action (for the province to create a Poverty Reduction Strategy), use the advocacy toolkit (to get the user’s municipality to endorse campaign), and signup to the eNewsletter (to keep users involved in the campaign).

The emphasis of these 3 actions is reflected in the homepage design. To show a sense of momentum, we provide large counters that show how many organizations and individuals have signed on. To add credibility, we also list the 80+ organizations and municipalities who have signed on.

The campaign has successfully raised the public’s awareness of the issue and most importantly became a campaign promise for soon-to-be-premier Alison Redford. The next step is to see the premier act on this promise.

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