City of Edmonton: Seniors report

City of Edmonton

Provide creative direction for report and photoshoot, design report

This report was produced to understand and plan for the needs and interests of seniors in Edmonton. It is one of three documents which outline Edmonton’s commitment and vision for being an age friendly city. We designed the report to reflect the wisdom and vitality Edmonton’s seniors bring to the City. Rather than use stock photography we convinced the client that we should take studio portrait’s of 15 real Edmonton seniors. To help the City justify the extra cost hiring a professional photographer and studio, we suggested that they add these photos to the City photobank, so they could be used for any future marketing of the City.

We provided creative direction at the photoshoot, opting for minimal make-up and well-lit closeups of their faces. We wanted to show the beauty in laugh lines and salt and pepper hair. The end product is a series of photos that truly capture the energy and wisdom of each senior.

The typography was designed with seniors in mind. Large print and a typeface with a large x-height was used to ensure those with failing vision could still read the report. We also chose dark yet vibrant colours that clearly markout headings and subheadings.

The client was very happy with the photos and the final report design.

Click here to view the report on the City’s website.