How to Spot a Grow Op Leaflet

REACH Edmonton

Campaign visual identity, leaflet

REACH Edmonton is a crime prevention program setup by Mayor Stephen Mandel and the Edmonton City Council in 2010. After working with REACH Edmonton on the design of their 24/7 Service Delivery report, we were asked to develop a leaflet for their Stop Marijuana Grow-Ops Coalition (which included the Edmonton Police Service, RCMP and the Provincial ALERT program). This leaflet would be mailed to all households in northeast Edmonton, where grow-ops are the most prevalent.

Since the leaflet was going to be delivered as a direct mailer, it needed to stand out amongst the many letters and flyers that people receive on a daily basis. For this, we used a non-traditional 6″ x 6″ format that would not get covered by mostly wide format envelopes. The leaflet also had to be immediately attractive and not appear as a boring announcement from the government. The play on words and large graphic on the cover served this end. The information on the interior was designed to be read quickly and easily, with a clear call to action on the back.

The leaflet design was so well received by the Coalition that it has been distributed to police services across the country.