TEC Edmonton Annual Report

Technology Enterprise Centre (TEC)

Annual report template design, design of 2010-2011 report.

TEC Edmonton is tech start-up incubation unit who asked us to develop a new design for the annual report based on their existing visual identity. As with most organizations, the annual report is meant to serve as a external marketing tool, informing the general public what TEC Edmonton is all about and why they should care.

Previous reports focused more on TEC Edmonton as a an organization rather than the very innovative and exciting clients they support. This was very problemmatic because TEC Edmonton’s raison-d’etre is about helping their clients. So, in telling the amazing stories and innovations of the start-ups they help, we were able to explain how TEC works and why their services are invaluable to the University of Alberta, it’s researchers and Edmonton’s business community.

The design of this report also required the rewording and re-organization of their incubation process. Their previous report and website were either not correct or too complicated. The new process chart fits easily on 2 pages and was simplified to 3 overall steps.

The report is now something you can easily pick up and scan while waiting in the TEC lobby. Within 2 minutes of browsing you should have a much clearer sense of how TEC works and who they serve.

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