Today Centre Annual Report

Today Centre for Family Violence

Annual report template, design of 2010-11 and 2011-12 reports

The Today Centre was created in 2009 to house the many services that someone experiencing family violence requires. Prior to the creation of the Today Centre, a victim of family violence might have to visit 8 different organizations, including the police, a therapist or a lawyer. After completing the Today Centre’s website in 2010 we were asked a year later to design a template for their annual report. This template needed to be short and readable. To this end, we proposed a large-format leaflet with 6-8 panels. This made the report feel less like a ‘report’ and more like a quick-read brochure. Using the leaflet format, means the reader can review everything in less than 5 minutes, while providing useful updates on the organization’s annual progress.

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