Traditional and New Media

You have a message and a million ways to get it out. Which method do you use? TV? Twitter? Bus ads? We have the latest research and can show you the way. For a fully-integrated communications strategy, we will use all the tools and distribution channels available to get your message directly to your audience. It’s efficient, effective and measurable.

Strategy and Consulting

Do you want a new strategy to get your team on the right track? Is your message getting stale or communications plan looking outdated? We can audit your communications strategy, help you spruce it up, or start from scratch with a new plan that’s based on research.

We’ve helped organizations launch media and online campaigns to lobby the Alberta government, to raise funds for election campaigns and to pressure MLAs on social causes. Your campaign can reach critical mass, with the right tools and tricks. Call us and we’ll share or secrets.

How We Work

For a brief overview of how BigPixel approaches an integrated (traditional + new media) campaign, view this short presentation that Robert gave in April 2009 to Public Interest Alberta’s annual conference.